 Priority focus on Environment Health & Safety related issues.

 Consider Workplace Safety as an individual responsibility for all employee [The labour Act 2006 No 42, Article 78Ka (2) (Amendment 2013)].

 Ensure providing health, safety and healthy work environment for prevention of injury and ill-health with necessary infrastructure and system [The labour Act 2006 No 42, Article 78Ka (1) (Amendment 2013)].

 Work together with our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to continuously improve our work environment and must provide competence development and training as a natural part of individual- and team development to secure appropriate knowledge [The labour Act 2006 No 42, Article 78Ka (3) (Amendment 2013)].

 Apply a risk-based approach to Prevent and Control work-related hazards and trends to drive continuous improvement.

 A Safety Committee formed by professional and competent administrative personnel to conduct incident investigation and review policy proposals [The labour Act 2006 No 42, Article 90Ka (Amendment 2013)].

 Comply with customer and country specific regulatory standard as well as relevant OHS legislation in all markets where we operate and update EHS Policy guideline as needed.

Company shall design and develop, handle, store and distribute its product and service in a manner that minimize the risk to human being and environment to go beyond compliance in all aspects of EHS.



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