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It is interesting to note that Bangladesh is the first South Asian country to adopt cellular technology back in 1993 by introducing Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS). In fact, the first mobile license was issued back in 1989.

The mobile communications sector in Bangladesh now is one of the fastest growing industries and has helped boost the economic and social development in the country in many ways. The total number of Mobile Phone subscriptions has reached 119.623  million at the end of November  2014 as per BTRC website.

Telecom sector is a major contributor to National fiscal Revenues.

Mobile connectivity has increased productivity in every facet of our life in business, professional and personal sector.

Value added services and converged technologies are teaching us new ways to think and work. Our dream of Digital Bangladesh is fast becoming a reality.

With 4G and provision of data services, Mobile Telecoms sector (being largely foreign owned), will continue to be the highest contributor to FDI .

Investment in the sector will largely relate to significant capex expenditure required to build out networks and license acquisition costs.

We feel privileged and honored to be part of this sector.

We also take great pride in our humble efforts to make this technology accessible to our people through the network of our valued customers.

May Allah bless us all.

Late Md. Abdul Bari
Founder Chairman
Former Chief Engineer
Roads & Highways Dept.
Govt. of Bangladesh