The following compliances have to follow for EHS Governance of TAURUS INTERNATIONAL LTD.  

 Constitution of Bangladesh The Constitution of Bangladesh, as the highest law of the country has enunciated

 socialism and freedom from exploitation (Article 10),

 emancipation of peasants and workers (Article 14),

 public health and morality (Article 18),

 equality of opportunity (Article 19) and

 work as a right and duty and a matter of honour (Article 20), as Fundamental principle of State policy. The State policy clearly mentions that everyone shall be paid for his work based on the principle “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his work”

Moreover, Freedom of Association (Article 38), Freedom of Profession or Occupation (Article 40) and Prohibition of Forced Labour (Article 34) are guaranteed under the constitution.

 OSH Policy‐2013

 Bangladesh Labour Act‐2006

 Fire Prevention and Extinguishing Act (2003)

 Bangladesh National Building Code (2006)

 Labour Welfare Foundation Act (2006)

 No 42, Article 78Ka (2) (Amendment 2013)]

 No 42,Article 78Ka(1) (Amendment 2013)]

 No 42, Article 78Ka(3)(Amendment 2013)]

 No42, Article 90Ka (Amendment 2013)]

 National Labor Policy 2013, (Art. 19) & (Art. 2.15)

 National Child Labour Elimination Policy, (2010)



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