Message from Founding Chairman

Message from Founding Chairman

It was the year 1991.

I had just retired from a High Ranking Government Post after 36 years of service. I still felt enough energy left in me to start another career.

My son also came back from USA after graduation in Electrical Engineering. He was also beaming with young energy and entrepreneurial spirit to start a business.

Thus, Taurus International ltd was born that year. We had big dreams with lots of high hopes and aspirations.

We started as trading entity. Engaged in manufacturing. Gathered vast experience in dealing with government projects.

Then came the opportunity to get involved into telecom sector on 2003 as cellular technology was gaining momentum in Bangladesh.

The mobile communications sector in Bangladesh now is one of the fastest growing industries and Telecom sector is a major contributor to National fiscal Revenues.

Mobile connectivity has increased productivity in every facet of our life in business, professional and personal sector.

We feel privileged and honored to be part of this sector.

We also take great pride in our humble efforts to make this technology accessible to our people through the networks of our valued customers.

In spite of occasional difficult and adverse situations, Taurus enjoyed a wonderful journey over few decades with support from our board members, staffs, suppliers, bankers and customers.

With the blessing of the ALLAH , we feel confident to continue our journey with purpose, pride, dignity and honor.

The journey itself will be our REWARD. May Allah bless us all.

Engr . Md. Abdul Bari (Late)


Taurus International Ltd.


Roads and Highways Dept. Ministry of Communications Government of Bangladesh


Retired Road Engineers Association ( RREA)


Rotary Dhaka North


Rotary International



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