Taurus Services at a Galance in Telecommunication Sector

Transmission (Microwave Part)

MW Site Survey (Existing & New), Design and Planning

Installation, Commissioning, (1+0,1+1, 2+) PDH/SDH MW Link

Maintenance, Optimization & User Acceptance

Up-Gradation, Cutover, Swap, Dismantle and Relocation

E1 Route, FE Configuration, DT & Change Network Devices


BTS Site Survey (Existing & New), Design and Plannings

Installation, Commissioning, On-air of BTS (Optical/Feeder)

Maintenance, Optimization, Call Test & User Acceptance

Cell Up-Gradation, SWAP, Dismantle and Relocation

Installation, Commissioning and Configuration alarm System

In-Building Solution (IBS)

IBS Site Survey (Existing & New), Design and Planning Installation, Optimization and On-air (GSM, WCDMA, LTE) Maintenance, Cell & Frequency test & User Acceptance Capacity Up gradation, Swap, Dismantle, Walk test Installation, Commissioning and on air Repeater solution

DT/RF Optimization

RF engineering services across all RF technologies – 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, etc. RF – planning designing, testing, and optimizing RF networks all over the country. Full RAN Support includes Parameter tuning, Work orders, Script Generation and Implementation on OSS/ WMS/SAM Multi‐technology expertise including 5G, VoLTE, LTE, WCDMA and GSM. Backhaul support to check transportation.

Core Network/Switching

Installation, Configuration & Commissioning Router/Switch/SIU Installation, Commissioning and Configuration BSC/RNC Installation, Commissioning and Configuration MSC/UMSC BSC parameters loading, Modify and Integrations


OSS Commissioning, Installation and Features testing MMS Commissioning, Installation and Features testing NSS Commissioning, Installation and Features testing NSS/NMS/OSS parameters loading and Modify

Manage Service

Provide Multiple skilled set of staff to serve customers Expert resoureces in Engr./Design/Tech. Professional categories Meets Customer expectations & follow up regular basis

Optical Fiber Service

Installation, Commissioning optical Link with Poper lachig Installation fiber and light-up the fiber system Optical cable testing, splicing fusion ets. work



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